Step 1 – Please select your payment method and make the payment,

Step 2 – When your payment is completed please fill in the identification form below and use the SUBMIT button.


The payment plans are outlined here for your information, please follow the one you selected in your course registration for the course.

Apprenticeship payments per year:

  1. Enrollment and first payment of £250 followed by one of the following options:


  • A one off payment of £1425                – due anytime before 1st October 2021
  • Or three payments of £500                  – 1st payment due before 1st Oct ’21 and then collected every 3 months
  • Or five payments of £310                     – 1st payment due before 1st Oct ’21 and then collected monthly

Options for Payment: 

  • Bank Transfer 

Our preference is to be paid via bank transfer as we don’t incur any fees this way.  It is vital you use your registered email address as the payee reference for us so we can confirm your payment has been received.  We hear that TransferWise is good for overseas folk making bank transfers. 

Bank name:           The Cooperative Bank

Account name:     Grass Roots Remedies Co-op

Sort Code         089299

Account Number  65794461

Address:  PO BOX 101, 1 Balloon Street, Manchester, M60 4EP


For International Transfers: 


IBAN:  GB74 CPBK 0892 9965 7944 61 


  • Cheques

Please make them payable to:   Grass Roots Remedies Co-operative 

Postal Address : 1 Briarbank Terrace, Edinburgh, EH11 1ST

NOTE: It is vital you use your own email address as a reference on a note and send it with the cheque.


  • Online Payment Via Stripe: 

Please select the agreed amount with the PAYMENT buttons below. You will get a receipt email for your successful payment. 

Apprenticeship Payments Per Year: 

followed by …

Either – Payment in Full:

Or one of 2 Payment Plans:

If you choose to pay via a Payment Plan, then please make your first payment here via Stripe, and then subsequent payments will be directly debited from your account until payment has been made in full.

 Second Step – 2 

When you have completed the payment by whatever method you choose please fill in the payment record form below and use the SUBMIT button.

You will get a confirmation email for your form submission and so will we, so you don’t have to send us another one and with this, we will both have a permanent record.

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