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We are a Worker’s Co-operative based in Edinburgh & Glasgow working to rekindle our rich tradition of herbal community healthcare and promote ecologically responsible herbalism.

We believe that herbal medicine is the medicine of the people, and that it should be accessible to everyone.

Folk Medicine for All Folk! 

What we do

Seeing a Herbalist & Our Low Cost Herbal Clinic in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh 

Learn to use herbs at home, foraging wild food and medicine or starting on the path to herbal practitioner training

Herb profiles, recipes, foraging, growers guides & remedy making

Meet the team that make up our Scottish workers’ Co-operative & find out what we believe in & what we stand for. 

Showcasing Scottish herbal teas & tinctures, posters, cards & bags all to raise funds for our community work 

Our work in community herbalism relies on your support

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Wild Fermentation & Recipes

Wild Fermentation & Recipes

Why Ferment Food and Drink? Fermentation, particularly wild fermentation - fermenting plant material such as vegetables and berries with their own, endogenous wild yeasts - has increased in popularity in recent years. Kombucha, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Kimchi have all...

Wild Things Funding Opportunity November 2023

Wild Things Funding Opportunity November 2023

2024 UPDATE: We have had feedback that applications for this fund are very competitive and they are looking for people with a current or hoped for role in agriculture. Further, the funders are not considering community gardening as a part of agriculture. WILD THINGS 2...

The Magic of Mushrooms

The Magic of Mushrooms

Why We Love Mushrooms Fungi are everywhere, communicating between themselves and other beings, aiding with the recycling of dead material and providing a home and food source. We’ve been told that mushrooms have even been known to “lie” to host trees. The parasitic...

What People Are Saying About Us

I loved learning about herbs throughout the year, and particularly enjoyed noticing seasonal change during the course. Each session was delivered with an enjoyable mixture of botanical science, folklore and practical activities. There was a good balance of the local and the global, and each session left me wanting to explore more. The facilitators shared their knowledge and experience expertly – making it accessible and understandable, but always able to answer more in-depth questions. I would highly recommend this course.

-Wild Things Course Student

I have been coming to see Ally with my son who is 16 and has additional support needs at Wester Hailes Healthy Living Centre for a couple of years now. Ally listens very carefully to us both and is very sensitive to my sons needs especially, it feels almost like a counselling session!   She does not lead, she just asks questions to clarify the physical or psychological symptoms we are having and then suggests a course of herbal treatment as appropriate. The herbal medicines have been very suitable for us both as we tend to be oversensitive to other drugs so the herbal treatment gently but directly helps the problem. The project has enabled us to access herbal treatment at an affordable cost. We would really recommend the clinic and Ally to others. 

-Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic Patient

Ally is a true professional. From our initial consultation to the follow up, nothing was rushed. She asked many questions to build an accurate picture of what she could do to help get the body back in sync. I was then provided with helpful dietary and lifestyle advice, as well as a personalised herbal medicine. Many of the herbs are handpicked from her local community garden in Edinburgh, one of the few places where you can see where your medicine comes from. This is how local medicine should be. Highly recommended!

-Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic Patient

Both Ally and Soraya were fantastic at leading us through our introduction to herbalism. They encouraged us and ignited interest and passion for the wonderful world of plants, herbs and the magical properties that they contain. Now, I am often exhausted by travelling through nature as (even more so than previously) I want to stop and examine every growing thing and wonder what family it belongs to, what properties it has, the medicine it can provide for us and the connection it provides us to our ancestors of the past.

Wild Things Course Student

An amazing herd of herbalists who are doing a superb job of spreading herbs and foraging knowledge. The low cost clinic has really opened up herbs and herbal consultations to myself and others who could never afford this otherwise. The foraging walks and courses they run are excellent.

-Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic Patient

Feeling so supported by grassroots in my healing journey. I have used their services in the past & at present, I always feel hugely comfortable & grateful with the beautiful sisters providing a great service , and knowledge of natural medicine for the people.

At present I’m feeling very heard by Kathryn and love that she shares such wisdom and knowledge, while fully listening to my needs and how my body is speaking. I live with Rheumatoid Arthritis and can be in a lot of pain, I’m very connected to plants and natural ways to heal my body, I love that Kathryn helps me understand how they can work with my body on a deeper level of my own  understanding & knowledge.

-Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic Patient


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