We are blessed in Edinburgh to have had Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) introduced to the shores of our neighbouring region East Lothian to stabilise the dune systems. This orange-berried plant now wildly grows wild all down the coast, to the extent that conservationist volunteers have to chop it back regularly to keep paths clear. Sea Buckthorn, or Sandthorn is a miraculous juicy medicinal herb, packed full of nutritive vitamins and essential fatty oils. I make a point of gathering it every year in the winter when the berries are out in full force.

A good tip that I learned from the wonderful Catherine Conway Payne of the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh is to cut off whole stalks and stick them in your freezer with all the berries on. That way you can easily remove the berries without covering yourself in juice. Be sure to watch out for thorns though.. I hope to post more about what you can make out of them soon.