P1010092I’m very excited to have recently bought a dehydrator. In our damp climate, its really tough to properly dry herbs that I’ve harvested or foraged, and so this little piece of kit is incredibly useful.

As well as drying herbs, I’m also going to use it to make a whole bunch of delicious raw foods – fruit leathers, vegetable crisps, you can even make beef jerky if that way inclined.


My first experiment with the dehydrator was to make kale crisps. Kale is becoming ‘all the rage’ nowadays, especially in health food shops, but it has a very long tradition of being grown in Scotland. Kale is in the Cabbage family, and is a hardy, green vegetable able to survive cold winters up in the North, making it a perfect winter veg for us here. In fact, the traditional word in Scotland for a veggie garden used to be the ‘kailyaird’ meaning kale yard. All that tradition aside though, I made my kale crisps using a bunch of ingredients hailing from the other side of the world: miso, tahini, soya and rice vinegar.


Kale is becoming really trendy because of its reputation as a ‘nutritional powerhouse’ full of vitamins including vitamin K, A and C, iron, and antioxidants. Add to this scrummy tahini & soya or miso and rice vinegar, and I couldn’t stop eating them. (Caterpillar munched holes in our kale are optional..)