Our receent month has been full with celebration and harvesting in the spaces we tend and in many other beautiful spaces as well. We wanted to share some photos of these offerings and a few links to how you can get more involved with some amazing projects and events

Lauriston Farm Harvest Festival: LtoR: Ally hosted a Fire Cider workshop, with as you can see, a very young crowd; Soraya facilitated 2 mini-herb walks, discovering a wealth of species; Dog Cam of the crowds enjoying food and chat

Plot 26, Herbal Allotment, Glasgow: LtoR: the ever bountiful Raspberry patch; salad and apples for our hard working volunteers; some visitors to the plot for the 150 years celebration, enjoying the Raspberries


Granton:hub Garden, Edinburgh: LtoR: volunteers tending seedlings earlier in the year; Self Heal and Wood Betony harvest for the clinic; Marigold petals ready to make an infused oil – our next volunteering session is 11am-1pm on Wednesday 28th September 2022, contact Soraya for more information


Wild Things 2 Fungi Forage: LtoR Matt Rooney showing our students how to identify between different mushrooms; Matt and Monica Wilde chatting fungi fundamentals; one of our students, Amber, carefully harvesting

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