Here is what one local resident had to say about the clinic

“I would like to take the time to explain how much Grass Roots Remedies low cost herbal clinic in Wester Hailes has helped me. I started attending the clinic about 2 years ago. I was dubious at first but was really feeling like I was at the end of the line as nothing was working, suicidal thoughts where becoming more and more prominent. I was waking up everyday and feeling ill, i was taking tramadol, ibuprofen, fluoxetine, wich all caused even more stomach and bowel problems so I was given Omeprazole and on occasion laxatives as I was getting blocked up regularly.

2 years on I am in the process of completely turning my life around and this has really been down to having regular sessions with Ally the herbalist from Grass Roots Remedies. I now only take a low dose anti-depressant from the doctors, the herbs Ally provides from the clinic and a few other herbal teas that I have learned to grow and forage through some of Grass Roots Remedies other courses and Communitea sessions they run. My stomach and bowels are much better, i am up in the morning singing and opening the curtains wide as soon as I am up. My diet has improved and i have learnt a lot about my body and how it reacts to the various foods I eat and the rigours of life.

The Communitea and the Wild Things course has also been superb in helping me along on this journey, Soraya, Rhona and Ally are really great teachers and have helped me learn to try new things and also grow more fruit and veg in the small communal garden I have available. I have also now got involved in helping the community myself, i am the community based volunteer leader for both the Community Garden and a Mens Makers/Health and wellbeing group in the area.

Shortly after starting with Grass Roots clinic I went looking for a relative who was homeless and on drugs, the advice and support we got from Grass Roots Remedies really helped, not only the herbs that they provided, but also advice on diet and what vitamins and minerals would be needed to fight opiate withdrawals, my relative managed to wean off without using a prescribed substitute, the continued support of Grass Roots has really helped keep them on track.

So first and foremost a huge thanks to all involved with making Grass Roots Remedies Co-op happen. Secondly if this letter of thanks ever gets seen by potential funders please do make a consideration that there is an amazing thing happening in this deprived housing estate on the West of Edinburgh, a place that was once the most densely populated area in Europe. Please try and keep this funded if you can, it is already saving the NHS a lot and possibly saved not just 1 but 2 lives that I know of.”
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