Back before Christmas I did two workshops with Seasons, a local mental health group run by the Council. I’ve been doing various bits of community gardening and nature related work with Seasons for a few years now, and have always really enjoyed their friendly atmosphere and shared food. This time we made home made lip balm, which is super simple and a lot of fun. It also makes genuinely really good lip balm!

Here is the very easy recipe that we followed.

Ingredients:  Makes 10 x 15g pots of lip balm

75g Coconut Oil

75g  Olive Oil

37.5 g Honey

37.5 g Beeswax


Measure out each ingredient, and mix the oils and honey together in a bowl. It can be a good idea tomeasure out a wee bit extra of each, as a small amount of mixture is usually lost in pouring at the end

Place the bowl with the oils and honey in over a pan with boiling water in it. This is called a ban marie, or a double boiler.

Allow the oils and honey to melt, and mix together, without getting too hot. Then add the beeswax and allow this to melt too.

Once the wax has completely melted, take the bowl off the heat and begin to whisk the mixture quickly.

As it begins to cool, the mixture will start to solidify and you should see some around the edges begin to harden. As soon as you see this, pour the remaining mixture into the small jars.

Allow it to cool completely without moving them

Enjoy your new homemade lip balm or give it to a friend!


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